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Stephen Stratton: My Story

If you are not prepared to see a Parole Board then you can rest assure that a Parole Board is not prepared to release you.

When I walked into my first parole hearing I had no clue as to what they were looking to hear or what they wanted to know.  I had just assumed they wanted me to say how sorry I was and they would then spring open the door.  They promptly dismissed me and told me to return in 5 yrs. 

Wake up call!  Life in prison was no joke, I had seen many a man die there and I swore I was not going to be that statistic!  

I then immersed myself in every class, program,  course or discussion that dealt with personal growth and the knowledge that would give me the greatest leverage to make parole.

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As I worked my way towards 4 more parole hearings I came to the realization that I was working on several other parole plans as well.  My buddies were also trying to get paroled.

What We Do Services

1.  A sound, reasonable and realistic release plan.  Also, a second plan to fall back on if the board isn’t approving the first.  (This plan will coincide with everyone on board your support group).

2.  Reference letters, letters of support, letters of character, letters, letters, and more letters!!! (These letters will be from people you know – we will assure that they are sent on your behalf).

3.  A coordinated support team outside vouching for your release, a network of stable, reliable and trusted people who know you and can help you in every situation you’ll encounter upon release. (This group of special people I will be working with closely to insure everyone is on the same page).

4.  Your own letter to the Parole Board. A letter signed by you expressing your desire to be released, what you’ll do once released and why you feel you should be released. (This is crucial – We can assist you in this fundamental part!…..Of course, this is your option to do so)

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